12 Week Men and Women’s Training Protocol


Attention ladies & gentleman as we are offering a special limited price on our 12 week training protocol. See details below!

First and foremost we want to make it clear and give the majority of the credit to: Dr. Layne Norton for his creation of Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training, Louie Simmons and the West Side Barbell club for setting the standards on speed training and power lifting, and last but not least to all the great authors who have provided great information on undulating and non-linear periodization. Without these people, we could not have come up with a dynamic training protocol like this. 

If you are like us, you have probably tried every training protocol around through every single website on the internet, magazines, videos, infomercial gimmicks, or in books. You have done straight power routines, high volume, low volume, athletic performance, hypertrophy, plyometrics, cross fit, boot camp style workouts and then some. Well let us introduce to you our personal formulated training regimen that we personally created called “PHHC-12” aka Power Hypertrophy Hybrid Circuit. If you’re wondering what the 12 stands for, it stands for 12 weeks.

Now We’re almost positive everyone’s asking what does this PHHC-12 training consist of, well the truth is about 99% of us that step foot into the gym want results. Some expect fast results with 50% effort, which is usually highly unlikely! Then there are those that consistently put in 100% effort and are patient, but are simply still not getting the results they deserve. This is where PHHC-12 comes into play because it gives you a unique hybrid of power style training, hypertrophy training, speed rep training, superset/drop set training, and HIIT cardio. These are all key training styles that we believe gives you the best chance for muscle growth and fat loss.

If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, be stronger, lose body fat, and develop a well balanced physique that you will be proud of, this program is for you. If you are looking to push your body beyond physical limits and become dominant in the gym this program is for you. If you are looking to separate yourself from the average Joe pack this program is for you, if you are looking to live a dynamic lifestyle this program is for you, if you are looking to train loco this program is for you!. If you answered yes to all of these statements, then why waste more time, let’s get to work and get some results!


  • Price- originally $30, special offer $10
  • You email us if you are interested in purchasing the program, we email you the product by PDF file
  • We take pay pal, cash or checks
  • Available in Spanish & English
  • Offer Ends Monday Nov 26th  


What you will get with PHHC-12:

  • 12 week training protocol
  • Science behind PHHC-12 & why it works
  • Description page of PHHC-12
  • PHHC-12 Tip sheet
  • Glossary page
  • Email access to ask us questions pertaining PHHC-12


Sample of PHHC-12 :


An example of what PHHC-12 looks like:
Week 1: Mon, Tues- Power Training, Wed- Off, Thurs, Fri- Hypertrophy Training
Week 2: Mon, Tues- Power Training, Wed- Off, Thurs, Fri- High Rep Training
Week 3: Mon, Tues- Power Training, Wed- Off, Thurs, Fri- Super set/ Drop set Training
Week 4: Mon, Tues- Power Training, Wed- Off, Thurs, Fri- Speed Rep Training
 *Day 5: Weak point or lagging body part workouts
HIIT cardio will be performed on Mon & Thurs or Wed & Sat, all depending on your schedule.LISS cardio will be done on Mon & Fri or Wed & Sat, all depending on your goals & schedule.

PHHC-12 Demo Video:

PHHC-12 Explanation Video:


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“Live a Dynamic Lifestyle”