12 Nutrition and Weight Loss Tips

By Chris Martinez


With so many different nutrition and weight loss tips out there these days, whether it’s from personal trainers, nutritionists, magazines, internet, word of mouth, etc. You get what I’m trying to say here, it’s very difficult to trust a reliable source. Who knows if this advice from these sources is going to be effective or counterproductive? I’m not saying I know it all and there is some really good information out there, but what I do know is the following tips I’m about to share with you will not be counterproductive, they have worked with clients of mine, and if you actually use them in your everyday life on a consistent basis, there will be some merit to them.

Here are 12 Nutrition and weight loss tips:

  1. Eat breakfast! Your body has just awakened from a 7-8 hour fast. Your body is dying for some food. A good healthy breakfast gives your body nutrients and fuel for the day.

2.  Eat every 4-6 hours- After your healthy breakfast; continue to eat every 4-6 hours so that your body will stay in an energy-fueled state throughout the day.

3.  Plan & pack your meals for the day- We are all busy throughout the day and don’t have time to cook a meal every 3-4 hours. By planning and packing your meals, this will make you more likely to stay on your meal plan. It also saves a lot of money!

4.  Don’t be afraid of Carbohydrates- Your body prefers carbohydrates over protein and fat for its main source of energy. Just make sure to eat the right kinds of carbs: Complex carbs, fruits in moderation, and always add in vegetables.

5.  Always have protein in your meal- I could literally write an entire essay on why protein should be in all of your meals, but for general guidelines let’s just say that protein will keep you full for a longer period of time, keep your muscles happy after a workout and could even have effects on fat burning.

6.  Fiber it up- Make sure you eat foods high in fiber. Fiber will keep your satiety levels up, help assimilate the nutrients you consume into the body, and have effects on fat burning.

7.  Don’t be afraid to write- Research has shown that individuals who keep a journal or log their daily macronutrient intake have a better chance of succeeding with their meal plan. Think about it? If you are logging each of your meals or foods you eat, you are holding yourself more accountable to the meal plan, thus making you plan your meals better. Make better food choices and don’t binge.

8.  Drink water- Stay away from the sweetened drinks that are loaded with sugars and calories. These calories are empty-calories that do nothing for your body. Stick to water so you will be well hydrated and your body will be full.

9.  Forget the crash diets- There are no quick solutions to dieting and losing fat. Crash diets are actually counterproductive in my experience and lead people to do in-consistent dieting and a lot of binge eating. Fat loss is a marathon, not a sprint.

10.  Eat natural-whole foods- try eating foods that are close to their natural state as possible. For example, eat an apple instead of apple juice. A whole apple has the fiber and vitamins on the skin.

11.  Don’t let labels fool you- Make sure to read the ingredients when you’re selecting foods at the grocery store. For example, a box of cereal says low-fat or no sugar right in the front, but if you turn it over and read the ingredients, you’ll find high-fructose syrup or soy bean oil. Well, these two ingredients both lead to fat storage if not consumed in moderation. Read the labels!

12.  Measure & weigh-Invest on some measuring cups and a scale so that you know exactly which amounts of foods is going into your body. There’s no reason to over eat and have your body store those extra calories as fat. Weigh and measure your foods out.

This is your life- With these 12 tips I just gave you on nutrition and weight loss, none of it will do any good unless you are ready to consider a lifestyle change. Living a healthy lifestyle comes from changing your bad habits and realizing your lifestyle is going to have to change in order to reach that healthy state. Exercise regularly, eat healthy and stay away from bad habits and your body will reward you.